Auto-Align 2
New v2.2

Auto-Align® 2

Introducing Auto-Align 2. A radical evolution of a modern classic that has become an indispensable tool in many studios around the world.

Auto-Align 2 eliminates comb-filtering, minimizes transient smearing, and spectrally optimizes the phase of each mic to deliver the full and defined sound captured by the microphones.

Auto-Align 2 takes an extensive step further by significantly speeding up the alignment workflow, introducing a new spectral phase correction module, refined algorithm, an intuitive user interface and much more.

All it takes is a click of a button to align an entire session.

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Properly aligning microphones makes for an amazing difference in low-end definition and punch. With Auto-Align 2 alignment takes only a few seconds, where previously it required spending considerable time trying to time-align and figure out phase issues.

Auto-Align 2


Auto-Align 2 introduces a completely new workflow that revolutionizes the way you work. With just one click, Auto-Align 2 can align all of your microphones in a single pass, eliminating the need for manual routing and configuration. This groundbreaking feature saves you valuable time and ensures that your audio is perfectly time and phase aligned, resulting in improved clarity, size, and stereo image.


New v2.2

Introducing Auto-Align 2 - a radical evolution of a modern classic. Now, with ARA2 integration for Pro Tools, experience zero latency and real-time track-oriented processing for a fast, seamless workflow. It eliminates comb filtering, minimizes transient smearing, and optimizes mic phase for a fuller, more defined sound. With its spectral phase correction module, enhanced algorithm, and intuitive interface, Auto-Align 2 sets a new standard in mic alignment.

  • Capture-free operation for fast and easy track alignment
  • ARA2 capability in Pro Tools for effortless, one-click workflow
  • Intelligent automatic reference and grouping detection
  • And much more!
Auto-Align 2 in ProTools
Darrell Thorp

I have Auto-Align 2 as part of my drum plug-in chain that I import into every new mix or song that I start.”

Darrell Thorp

10X GRAMMY-winning Engineer

Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Beck

What’s New In Version 2

  • Time and Spectral Optimization: Integrates both time and spectral phase corrections to ensure the highest fidelity coherence and faster workflow.
  • Multi-Channel Auto Grouping Alignment: Automatic track correlation detection and grouping simplifies getting optimal results effortlessly.
  • ARA2 Integration: Provides seamless, zero latency integration in supported DAWs for an intuitive workflow.
  • One-Click Workflow: Enables fast and easy track alignment with a single click, enhancing efficiency.
  • Custom Preset Slots: Save up to four presets for comparing different alignments easily.

Next Generation Algorithm

Auto-Align 2 takes your audio to the next level with its cutting-edge algorithm. This feature automatically detects and corrects time and phase issues between multiple mics, ensuring your tracks are in perfect sync. Auto-Align 2 delivers a richer, fuller sound by leveraging advanced Spectral Phase Optimization. By handling the technical aspects of audio alignment, Auto-Align 2 allows you to focus on the creative aspects of mixing and producing, making your workflow smoother and more enjoyable.

Spectral Phase Optimization

Maximize the potential of your recordings with Auto-Align 2’s Spectral Phase Optimization. This sophisticated algorithm addresses phase shifts caused by electronic and acoustic filters, ensuring that all frequency components are accurately aligned. By minimizing comb filtering and transient smearing, Auto-Align 2 produces a clear, natural sound that captures every detail of your performance. This results in mixes that sound more polished and professional, enhancing the overall quality of your audio.


  • One-click workflow for fast and easy track alignment
  • Automatic reference and grouping detection takes the guesswork out of the alignment process
  • Spectral Phase Optimization for improved coherence and richer sound quality
  • Absolute Phase for faithful reproduction of sound directionality
  • Alternate optimized correlation editing for advanced users seeking creative control
  • Surround support for multi-channel applications
  • Single unified interconnected multi-channel user interface for efficient navigation
  • ARA2 compatibility for seamless integration with your DAW workflow


  • Mac: 64-bit Intel Core CPU or Apple Silicon, 8GB RAM, macOS 10.9 or higher
  • Windows: 64-bit Intel Core or AMD CPU, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 or higher
  • Plug-in formats: AAX, Audio Unit, VST3, ARA2
  • Free iLok account and iLok License Manager (iLok USB key is not required)
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2024-06-20: Version 2.2.0 - Pro Tools ARA Integration


  • ARA integration with Pro Tools.
  • Reset menu improvements.


  • ARA: Re-aligning audio might not be applied correctly until switching banks or toggling On/Off.
  • Cubase/Nuendo crashes if you change the track's width from Stereo to Mono after AA2 has been added.
  • Banks switching might break when renaming tracks.
  • Locked groups toggles do not revert operation is canceled.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.
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