Auto-Align 2


2023-05-08: 2.0.1


  • Resolved a crash that occurred when importing session data or opening a session with incomplete state on certain occasions.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using a manual group with linked tracks.
  • Fixed an issue where the key time may be out of bounds after reverting adjustments.
  • Resolved an issue where a manual group could include tracks that weren't manually grouped.
  • ARA: Fixed a problem with audio playing incorrectly after edits.
  • AAX: Resolved an issue where the UI might not reflect updated alignments after importing session data.
  • Improved overall stability.


  • AAX: The preset menu has been removed. Instead, we recommend users to use the "Import Session Data" feature in Pro Tools to load a saved state of Auto-Align 2. As Auto-Align 2 is an interconnect multi-track plugin, it internally stores the settings for all the tracks.
  • AAX: The multi-mono functionality in the plugin menu has been removed. By default, the AAX Multi-mono mode in Pro Tools is set to 'linked', which caused an issue where the AAX instance forces the same settings for the linked channels. To address this issue, we have eliminated the Multi-mono mode from the plugin menu. Instead, please use the multi-mono functionality built into Auto-Align 2.

2023-04-13: 2.0.0

New Features

  • New One-click workflow for fast and easy track alignment
  • Automatic reference and grouping detection takes the guesswork out of the alignment process
  • Spectral Phase Optimization for improved coherence and richer sound quality
  • Absolute Phase for faithful reproduction of sound directionality
  • Alternate optimized correlation editing for advanced users seeking creative control
  • Surround support for multi-channel applications
  • Single unified interconnected multi-channel user interface for efficient navigation
  • ARA2 compatibility for seamless integration with your DAW workflow

2022-12-29: 1.6.4

New Features & Improvements

  • Native AAX Apple silicon support.
  • macOS Ventura qualified.




2022-03-03: 1.6.3 - Apple silicon support

New Features & Improvements

  • Native Apple silicon support.
  • Allow numeric input for delay and SEND/RECV (Ctrl+Click).
  • Handle some VST3 hosts reporting incorrect sample-position.
  • Improved support for host looping.
  • AAX: Fix macOS Monterey Compatibility.
  • VST3: Removed redundant MIDI CC parameters that might show up on some hosts.
  • Removed 32bit support.
  • Removed support for RTAS.
  • macOS 10.9 or greater is now required.
  • Note for Windows users that were using public beta: With previous betas the Windows Installer resulted in two different installed apps. it is strongly advised first to uninstall any 1.6.3 beta prior to installing the final release.

2021-03-09: 1.6.2

  • This version was removed as it result host freezing.
    All release notes has been concatenated to 1.6.3 release notes above.

2018-05-09: 1.6.1

Bug Fixes

  • Logic X could provide inaccurate sample-position.
  • Cubase (VST3): Inaccurate sample position while looping cause clicks & pops.
  • Improved host compatibility.
  • Improved Windows installer behavior.

2017-12-19: 1.6 - iLok Support

New Features & Improvements

  • Auto-Align is now using iLok (no usb dongle required!)
  • Detection now detects inverted phase by default.
  • Dragging now works for SEND/RECV.
  • Added reset to default in UI (Double Click or Alt-Click).
  • Pro Tools (AAX): Improved support for Control Surfaces.
  • Pro Tools (AAX): Added support for UI automation key-modifiers.
  • Added support for VST3 Bypass.
  • Fixed out-of-bounds offset reported by host is not being clipped to the minimum/maximum supported offsets.
  • Removed support for Windows XP.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed host bypass not working correctly.
  • Fixed possible missing texts on Windows.
  • Fixed moving UI between displays with different DPI.
  • Fixed UI not showing under Wavelab on macOS.
  • Fixed automation from UI not being recorded on some hosts.
  • Various bugfixes.

2015-03-23: 1.5.3

New Features & Improvements

  • Added VoiceOver accessibility support in Pro Tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AAX 32-bit issues under Windows.
  • Fixed RTAS issues.
  • Fixed AU Validation under Mac OS 10.6.x.

2015-01-27: 1.5.2

New Features & Improvements

  • Trial period can now be further extended upon request.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bypass not working correctly in Pro-Tools.
  • Fixed crash with old windows OpenGL drivers.
  • Fixed AAX 32-bit issues|Fixed VST3 issues.

2014-04-28: 1.5.1

New Features & Improvements

  • VST3 format available.
  • OS X: Installer is signed for Gatekeeper.

Bug Fixes

  • Windows: Fixed crashes in Pro Tools with Nvidia GPUs.
  • Fixed rare crashes in plugin validation.

2014-04-11: 1.5.0


  • AAX compatibility: 32- and 64-bit, Pro Tools 11 compatible.

Bug Fixes

  • Retina Support Fixes.
  • Fixed keyboard input issues in some Windows hosts.

2011-11-24: 1.4


  • Windows Support (RTAS / VST).
  • Add Support for VST under Mac OS X.

Bug Fixes

  • Graphics Bugfixes.

2010-11-16: 1.2.1

New Features & Improvements

  • RTAS and ProTools 9 compatibility.
  • New, easy-to-use, host-independent bus routing system, eliminates the need of using side-chain.
  • True stereo alignment in Pro Tools and other hosts that support mono side-chain only.
  • Improved, automatic management of stereo-to-mono and mono-to-stereo alignment.
  • Improved detection algorithm.
  • Improved graphics accuracy.

2010-07-21: 1.0.0 - Initial Release

Initial Release

  • Auto-Align, an automatic microphone time alignment AudioUnit plug-in for Mac OS X (Universal Binary).