Radical® Drums Duo includes two of our studio plugins at a special price. Get Auto-Align 2 and Drum Leveler for only $279.



Auto-Align 2

Auto-Align® 2

Auto-Align 2 eliminates comb-filtering, reduces transient smearing, and optimizes microphone phase to capture the full and defined sound of your recordings.

With improved speed and efficiency, Auto-Align 2 streamlines the alignment workflow. Its new spectral phase correction module, refined algorithm, and user-friendly interface make alignment effortless.

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Auto-Align 2 is a real game changer.”

Frank Filipetti

7x GRAMMY-winning Producer/Mixer/Engineer

Barbara Streisand, George Michael, Korn

Drum Leveler

Drum Leveler

Introducing Drum Leveler: a beat detection-driven compressor/expander and gate.Drum Leveler effortlessly achieves the desired target level for individual drum beats, without compromising bleed noise or beats outside the user-defined processing range.

Powerful and user-friendly, Drum Leveler enhances drum dynamics, delivering solid driving grooves, improved clarity, and enhanced punch to any percussive performance.

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Drum Leveler, it’s ridiculous what that thing does!”

Darrell Thorp

10X GRAMMY-winning Engineer

Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Beck