Senior C++ Algorithm Developer

We are looking for a great C++ algorithm developer to join us in creating cutting-edge plug-ins for audio professionals.

As a Sound Radix plug-in developer, you will:

  • Raise ideas for new products
  • Write algorithmic research code (in your favorite language)
  • Design and implement novel DSP algorithms in C++
  • Collaborate with a small team of experts in the programming, DSP and audio domains
  • Build tools for the top professionals in the audio industry (engineers for Coldplay, Rihanna, etc.)
  • Work a four-day work week


  • Curiosity and creativity
  • High technical ability in C++
  • DRY and maintainable programming style
  • Prefer spaces over tabs


  • Experience designing and implementing DSP algorithms
  • Passion for music and audio

Our office/recording studio is located in center Tel Aviv, Israel. Working remotely is also an option.

Please send your application to jobs at soundradix dot com.