Pepe Deluxé - An insanely unique phenomenon


Jari Salo aka James Spectrum is one-half of the offbeat Finnish-Swedish electronic music sensation Pepe Deluxé. Together with his partner Paul Malmström, they have been pushing musical boundaries since the late 90s, and are still going strong - and strange! From sampling Soul to recording everything from Exotica to Psychedelia, and even composing music for video games, Pepe Deluxé's extraordinary sounds, ideas, and tools are an insanely unique phenomenon. We …

Mick Schultz, Multi-Platinum Grammy Nominated Music Producer in an interview with Sound Radix

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Mick Schultz is a Grammy-nominated music producer and songwriter and has been the creative powerhouse behind some of the biggest R&B and pop tracks that reached multi-platinum status - Jeremih’s "Birthday Sex", "Down on Me", and "Don't Tell 'Em" as well as the platinum hit "Replay" by Zendaya. Amongst other notable artists, he also worked with Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson. Mick goes deep on bridging the pop/hip-hop divide and developed …

Award winning composer and music editor Stephen Gallagher meets Sound Radix

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Stephen Gallagher is an award-winning composer and music editor. He works in film, television, and other media and is currently based at Park Road Post Production in, Wellington, New Zealand. He wrote the song 'Blunt the Knives' for Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit': An Unexpected Journey, and has composed music for every size of production, from Hollywood blockbusters to independent documentaries and online web series, from all around the world.
He …

An interview with Primetime Emmy Award-Winner Andrew Spencer Dawson

Andrew Spencer Dawson

Over the past 25 years, Andrew Dawson has built one of the more unique careers in Los Angeles: VO performer, ADR supervisor, sound designer, teacher, and demo producer. His sound work is heard on hundreds of TV and film projects, recently winning an Emmy Award for Best Sound on "American Horror Story: Asylum" and an Emmy nomination for the 2016 re-make of "Roots". In addition, Andrew's voice can be heard …

Golden Reel Award Winner Brian Bowles about his work, the industry, and Auto-Align Post

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Brian Bowles has been a dialogue and ADR Editor since 1996 when he got his start on Steve Buscemi’s directorial debut Tree’s Lounge. He's worked on documentaries, low-budget Indies, festival circuit darlings, award-winning TV series, Hollywood blockbusters, and everything in between.
"I really like working with the director and actors to help craft a performance while also doing the most invisible work possible so that the audience can let the …


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Jacquire King’s credits are impressive and eclectic in equal measure, they include Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, James Bay, Kaleo, Modest Mouse, You Me At Six, Buddy Guy, and Norah Jones. Equally impressive is a list of 35 Grammy nominations and three wins including Record of the Year for the iconic ‘Use Somebody’ by the Kings of Leon. Sound Radix got the chance to sit down with him to talk …