2022-03-14: 1.1.2 - Apple silicon

Fixes and Changes:

  • Handle some VST3 hosts reporting incorrect sample-position.
  • AAX: Fix macOS Monterey compatibility.
  • VST3: Removed redundant MIDI CC parameters that might show up on some hosts.
  • Improved handling for flipped polarity.

New Features & Improvements

  • Group drop-down menu shows group names.
  • Native Apple silicon support.
  • macOS 10.9 or greater is now required.
  • Removed 32bit support.
  • Removed support for RTAS.

2018-06-03: 1.1.1


  • Logic X could provide inaccurate sample-position.
  • Cubase (VST3): Inaccurate sample position while looping cause clicks & pops.
  • Improved host compatibility.
  • Improved Windows installer behavior.

2017-12-19: 1.1 - iLok Support


  • Pi now uses iLok protection. (no iLok key required).
  • Added support for VST3 bypass.
  • Pro Tools (AAX): Added Pro Tools automation key-command support.
  • Pro Tools (AAX): Improved Control Surface support.
  • Audio pass-thru when transport is stopped.
  • Pro Tools TDM: Users must now turn off "Report Latency" explicitly.
  • Removed support for Windows XP.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI not showing under Wavelab on macOS.
  • Fixed possible denormalization under VST/VST3.
  • Various Bugfixes.

2015-05-11: 1.0.11

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed and optimized CPU Utilization
  • Improved compatibility with older GPUs

2015-03-23: 1.0.10

New Features and Improvements

  • Accessibility improvements for Pro Tools with Apple VoiceOver
  • Improved Unicode input handling

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AAX 32-bit issues under Windows 
  • Fixed RTAS issues 
  • Fixed AU Validation under Mac OS 10.6.x 
  • Dropdown selection now works properly

2015-03-18: 1.0.9


  • Fixed AAX 32-bit issues under Windows
  • Fixed RTAS issues
  • Fixed AU Validation under Mac OS 10.6.x

2015-01-29: 1.0.8

New Features and Improvements

  • Trial period can now be further extended upon request
  • Significantly reduced windows installer loading time

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed silence in Logic Pro X 10.1 due to change in host sample time reporting
  • Fixed bypass not working correctly in Pro-Tools
  • Fixed crash on windows with old OpenGL drivers
  • Fixed VST3 and AAX 32-bit issues

2014-04-30: 1.0.7 - VST3

New Features

  • VST3 format available
  • OS X: Installer is signed for Gatekeeper


  • Windows: Fixed crashes in Pro Tools in machines with Nvidia GPUs
  • Fixed default preset in Pro Tools 11 (plugin started as disabled)

2013-06-24: 1.0.6 Pro Tools 11 Compatability Fix

  • Pi AAX now works in the released version of Pro Tools 11.

2013-04-08: 1.0.5 - AAX

New Features

  • AAX compatibility. 32 and 64 bit, Pro Tools 11 compatible
  • Option to avoid reporting latency to the host. Useful for hosts with limited latency-compensation support.


  • Fixed rare crashes in Windows.

2012-12-31: 1.0.4

New Features


    Since gain plays a major role in channels' phase influence and sensitivity in a mix, some program material can get strongly influenced by other channels in the mix when their level is relatively low or when they decay into lower levels. With CHNL WEIGHT It is now possible to manually adjust the channel's low level and overall phase sensitivity and intensity within the mix. As CHNL WEIGHT increases - the less sensitive and more influential it'll be to other channels in the mix. This can help minimize artifacts on some program material, especially on low level, mid-range sustain notes and tails.


    Allows the use of larger audio buffers and other high latency plug-ins. If Pi doesn't get all the samples it needs in time due to a larger audio buffer or other high latency plug-in, it can't do its magic and it'll displays Sync Errors. If you're getting Sync Errors messages, Increase the lookahead buffer until they're gone.

    Click on the Sound Radix logo to open the About screen and access this setting.


  • Major performance improvements in Windows.
  • Fixed bug causing drop-outs in some VST hosts.
  • Fixed keyboard focus issues in Cubase and Pro Tools in Windows.

2012-12-06: 1.0.1 - Bugfix Release

What's New

  • Fixed crashes in Windows.
  • Fixed Sync Errors.
  • Improved CPU usage.
  • Improved latency behavior with Pro Tools 9.

2012-11-20: 1.0.0 - Initial Release

  • Pi - Phase Interactions Mixer released to the world for the first time!