Auto-Align Post 2
Engineering Emmy Award Winner


2023-05-30: 2.1.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Native Apple silicon support for AudioSuite.
  • Compatible with latest PT2023.3 changes.
  • Various bug-fixes.

2023-01-24: 2.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Adobe Premiere Pro compatibility.
  • Native Apple silicon (M1/M2) compatibility *.
  • Improved algorithm.​​​​

* Native Apple silicon AAX is currently not supported. For more info, click here.

2022-02-23: 2.0.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fix spectral filters for improved correlation in some cases. (thanks Sophie!)

2021-12-15: 2.0.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Improved algorithm results when reference contains silence.
  • [AudioSuite] Add accessibility support.
  • [ARA] SET REF button only visible when reference track contains content within events to be aligned.

Bug Fixes

  • [AudioSuite] Fixed preset loading.

2021-10-27: 2.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Spectral Phase Correction Module.
  • ARA2 Compatibility.
  • Improved Algorithm.
  • Spectral Correlation Meter [AAX].
  • Available for macOS and Windows in AAX AudioSuite and VST3-ARA2 formats. For more system requirements, please refer to the user manual.

2020-03-22: 1.1.1


  • Auto-Align Post Might Freeze On Specific Audio Material


  • To be fully compliant with future macOS & Pro Tools versions this version is 64-bit only.
    For Pro Tools 10, click here.

2019-03-26: 1.1

New Features & Improvements

  • Sound transparency is further improved.
  • Minimizable user interface.
  • Show delay offset & polarity in static mode.
  • Faster load times.
  • Minor graphics improvements.


  • Aligning some materials recorded at lower sample rate could produce clicks.
  • View mode could show Aligned instead of Source when loaded with a session or from preset.
  • Misc. bug fixes and optimizations.

2018-08-26: 1.0.1


  • Maximum delay was incorrectly applied to processed clip when reference track was only silence.
  • Left handle could have an extraneous delay applied in Clip by Clip mode.
  • Static mode button appeared deselected even when it was set after opening saved session.


  • Performance improvement for cases where the track and reference have no common content in any possible delay.

2018-08-21: 1.0

Initial Release

The fast & simple way to get location mics in phase.