Unleash Your Sound

Unleash Your Sound

Auto-Align and Auto-Align Post were designed to fix the comb-filter effect caused by multi-mic recording of a single source.

Auto-Align Product Family

Auto-Align 2

Auto-Align 2 is ideal for stationary multi-mic recordings like drum kits. It automatically corrects phase issues between mics and applies spectral phase optimization to fix phase shifts caused by the recording chain for a powerful, defined sound. With ARA2 integration, you enjoy zero latency and real-time track-based processing, so you can keep the plugin open while recording. The processing is applied instantly when you hit play, with no need to capture new clips. Streamline your workflow and achieve faster, more efficient results effortlessly.
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- One-click workflow for fast and easy track alignment
- Automatic reference and grouping detection takes the guesswork out of the alignment process
- Spectral Phase Optimization for improved coherence and richer sound quality
- Absolute Phase for faithful reproduction of sound directionality
- Alternate optimized correlation editing for advanced users seeking creative control
- Surround support for multi-channel applications
- Single unified interconnected multi-channel user interface for efficient navigation
- ARA2 compatibility for seamless integration with your DAW workflow


Auto-Align 2 in ProTools


Auto-Align Post 2

On a film set, you often juggle a mix of moving and stationary mics capturing the same scene—from lav mics and boom mics to multiple on-set mics, all capturing the story. By applying adaptive time alignment and spectral phase correction, Auto-Align Post 2 helps you bring out the true richness of your dialogue. With ARA2, you get real-time processing and a new track-focused edit window in Pro Tools, making your workflow more streamlined and intuitive than ever.
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- Microphones time-alignment of up to ±100ms or distances of up to ~112 feet / ~34 meters
- Spectral Phase Correction Module corrects phase-shift caused by electronic and acoustic filters
- Dynamic mode enables continuous phase/time correction for moving actors or cameras
- Static mode enables fixed phase/time correction for stationary microphones
- Transparent Processing
- Multi-channel support
- Spectral Phase Correlation Meter
- Highly optimized for CPU efficiency and operation speed
- Easy to operate - no manual adjustments required





When tracks play together, they overlap and interact across the frequency range and phase position. Pi automatically adjusts the phase of each channel to minimize frequency cancellations and enhance the overall punch and depth of your mix. It’s essential for unleashing the full impact of your mix, ensuring overlapping frequencies interact constructively. It’s like having an invisible hand fine-tuning your mix to perfection.
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- Groundbreaking, true multi-channel engine for optimizing phase interactions
- Track grouping for related instruments and multi-mic setups
- Full-range and Low-Frequency global optimization modes
- Unique multi-channel display for viewing phase relationships within the mix
- Internal sample-accurate routing, no side-chaining required

Feature Breakdown: Auto-Align 2, Auto-Align Post 2, and Pi

For recording and mixing music, we generally recommend Auto-Align 2, while Auto-Align Post 2 is ideal for post-production, and Pi belongs at the last insert slot of each of your DAW mixer channels.

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